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    Blackhead Vacuum Acne Pore Remover

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      This Pore remover will change the way you maintain your skin! It helps remove blackheads, whiteheads, makeup in pores and gets the blood flowing for healthier, fresh looking skin without using harmful chemicals.

      Say goodbye to your beauty problems forever

      • Removes Black and White Heads.

      • Quick And Painless

      • No More Pimples and Acne

      • Great For All Skin Types

      • Cordless & Portable

      • Multi Functional

      • Unlimited Duration

      • Four Replaceable Head Attachments.

      How does it works?

      • Easily eliminate clogged pores
      • Painless blackhead remover
      • Powerful, yet gentle vacuum sucks out the yuck
      • Four suction heads included: small, large, oval, and silicone head
      • Two power settings to suit your needs
      • Waterproof suction head
      • Easy to clean – just rinse the dirty suction head
      • Great to use on face, arms, and legs Includes, Blackhead removal includes small suction head, large suction head, oval suction head, and silicone head


      Where does all the dirt goes? How do we clean the machine?

      You Can Easy To Wash All Heads  With Water But.....Device Not Washable You Can Use Cotton For Clean Machine....

      Will the skin vacuum leave bruises on my face?

      If used correctly the Skin Vacuum will not leave any bruises or red marks on your face. The correct way to use this device is to glide it slowly across your face using your favorite suction setting. Different suction tips give different amounts of suction due to varying sizes.

      How do I know that which head I have to use on my face?

      We are providing four attachable  heads .

      • Small Head: Gentle suction, perfect for everyday use. Good use on sensitive skin and nose area. 
      • Large Head: Strong suction, perfect for blackheads. And Not use around the eye area. 
      • Oval Head: Oval Head opening for getting into corners of nose and mouth, and for sensitive skin around eyes, 
      • Sonic Head: Helps exfoliate dead skin white pulling dirt & oil from Skin. ( For dry skin- Once a week, Oily skin- Twice a week)

      I am confused its used whole face or only head

      You can use it on whole face.

      Product Specifications

      1. Includes - Small Head

      Helps unclog pores & reduce blemishes (good for sensitive skin)

      2. Includes - Large Head

      Deep Cleaning of pores with strong suction to massage large areas of the body (torso, arms, legs & back)

      3. Includes - Oval Head

      Smooths areas with fine lines and stimulates circulation.

      4. Includes - Silicone Head

      Gently loosen and exfoliate dead skin